Dry Saffron Powder


Saffron Powder

Saffron Powder is derived from the flower of the saffron crocus. Originally belonging to Southern Europe, it is now predominantly grown are Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, Greece, Iran, and India. The spice must preserved carefully in air-tight containers in order to minimize contact with air and light to increase its shelf life

  • Saffron powder is an invaluable ingredient as it is an effective coloring and flavoring agent with unbelievable medicinal properties
  • Used in the perfume industry as hair perfume and air freshener
  • Saffron powder is used in many cuisines as it imparts luminous yellow-orange color and a wonderful aroma to foods.
  • Used as a flavoring and coloring agent in confectionery and liquor industries approved
  • Effective in the treatment and management of age related mental impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, and certain other neurological conditions
  • Relieves pain and inflammation of joints, especially arthritic conditions
  • Boosts immunity
  • it possesses beauty benefits as well. It has natural skin lightening qualities.
Regular Packaging
• 0.025 gm
• 0.05 gm
• 1 gm
• 5 gm
• 20 gm

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