Indian Spices Powder


Tamarind(Imli) Powder

We offer wide range of Tamarind Powder. Produced From Newly Harvested Whole and Matured tamarind fruit, Properly Selected for its Desired Maturity and size. Slice and Blanched, Dried And Pulverized.

  • People take tamarind for constipation, liver and gallbladder problems, and stomach disorders
  • Sometimes a thick paste of tamarind seeds is used as a cast for broken bones.
  • An extract of tamarind seeds is used in eye drops for dry eyes.
  • fights against certain fungi and bacteria.
  • tamarind seed cures diarrhoea and dysentery effectively.
  • Low immunity
  • Antibiotic Properties
  • Antibacterial
Regular Packaging Bulk Packaging
• 25 gm • 20 kg
• 50 gm • 25 kg
• 100 gm • 30 kg
• 500 gm • 40 kg
• 1 kg • 50 kg
• 60 kg

As a reliable name in the industry, we offer only quality-approved products to the clients. Thus, we make use of only excellent quality raw materials obtained from trusted sources.